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For nearly 40 years Atlas 46 founder and owner, John Carver, oversaw the daily operations of a company that was THE world leader in the production of top-quality individual equipment products for the military, homeland security, and law enforcement agencies. John Carver and his mother, Lorene Pyles, began operations in the basement of her St. Louis, Missouri home in 1974 where they produced nylon gear for motorcycle racing, including assorted bags, fanny packs, motocross pants, and a variety of other packs. In 1982, the company integrated under a new banner and redirected its product focus to fill a noticeable void in the availability of quality tactical nylon products for military and law enforcement. Relying on the knowledge and experience gained in conceivably the toughest personal goods environment readily positions Atlas 46 as a front runner to lead the next evolution in the highly demanding world of personal work-wear goods.

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